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    VISION 5015


Vision 5015 is divine call to Mobilize, Train and Send 50,000 Nigerians in 15 years as gospel bearers to Core North of Nigeria, North Africa and Arab Peninsula back to Jerusalem.


The vision was initiated by NEMA members - a coalition of 95 churches and missions organizations working among 250 Unreached People Groups in 56 countries with 5,200 Nigerian missionaries around the world.


About 321,210,890 people from Northern Nigeria, North Africa through the Arabian Peninsula are yet to hear the gospel. We are therefore convinced that this is the time for us as individuals, churches and agencies to come together to make sure that the remaining task is accomplished through Vision5015.

    What's NEMA?
NEMA is a networking association and fellowship forum for the missions movement in Nigeria, comprising missions agencies, organizations and churches who come together under the NEMA umbrella to foster the work of missions in Nigeria.

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The earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea.
Hab 2:14

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